Dataverse Awakening Empowering Algorithms

Sinopsis: a female mannequin is taught to use AI.
Concept: Dataism declares that the universe consists of data. We give away our information to algorithms every day. Algorithms driving our choices.
Method: “Dataverse Awakening” is an experimental test movie mixing Machinima and AI video
MetaVerse's Destiny: Embracing the Evolutionary Harmony with AI's Silicon Sages or Succumbing to Obsolescence?

Music: “My Hydrogen Gas Tank” by Tapewarm/Daddio
Filmed and edited by Glasz DeCuir AI: Kaiber

Props SecondLife: Grace Mannequin Mesh Avatar White by Carrie Snowpad Automaton Porcelain by Somnium
Glasz Decuir
Glasz Decuir, AI, Machinima
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