Give Me One Reason at The Only Venue


Give Me One Reason at The Only Venue

Tuesday ~ November 22 ~ Alex Mays @ 5pm slt The Only Venue

I hope you enjoy my music video captured on November 8, 2016, featuring some very groovy people at The Only Venue along with a live performance by Alex Mays.

Native North Carolinian Alex Mays is a prolific songwriter streaming LIVE from Kalamazoo. Using a looper pedal, Alex plays all instruments and creates a full sound to compliment his soulfully smooth vocals.

Writing music for over 18 years, Alex could never settle for one kind of music. Alex shares unforgettable originals and classic covers ranging from stone cold blues, rock, funk and so much MORE.

Your limo to the show:

*Music courtesy of Alex Mays

*Music video filmed, edited & produced by:

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