Firestorm Viewer - Special Report: The Future Of Second Life


Firestorm Viewer - Special Report: The Future Of Second Life

Jessica Lyon hosts a chat with Pete and Oz Linden.


[05:58] North Reisende (northlander): hahahaha

[05:58] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): she has the only tree left standing on their block.

[05:58] North Reisende (northlander): itw as dry here in NORthern Alberta

[05:59] Vivienne Daguerre: I'm out and I'm not going back! You'll never take me alive!

[05:59] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): lol

[05:59] Paige Theseus: lol

[05:59] Petlove Petshop: noooooooo lol

[06:00] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Restat with a 1 second grace period

[06:01] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): i crashed

[06:01] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): He probably was not involved in that.

[06:01] Paige Theseus gasps, Inara reveals a RL name!

[06:02] Paige Theseus: Rolling Restarts on the RC channels. We're on the main channel here

[06:02] North Reisende (northlander): yeah today is the rolling restarts

[06:02] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): when do we get our door prizes?

[06:03] Vivienne Daguerre: I have not attended one of your meetings before Jessica, and I must tell you that I think Firestorm is awesome. You and your team do great work.

[06:03] North Reisende (northlander): good

[06:03] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): i was promised a second life is ending kittycatz.

[06:04] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Ed is a peasant like the rest of us, comrad.

[06:04] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): The International".

[06:05] Ryder Braveheart: Who was that gorgeous voice that just spoke?

[06:05] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): BSOD?

[06:05] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Lettes here

[06:05] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): that was me

[06:05] Daniel Voyager: hey

[06:08] Lette Ponnier: ty

[06:08] Ryder Braveheart: 71 people in sim 0.0

[06:08] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Lette Lollita

[06:08] sexy walk: 3403 bytes free

[06:08] sexy walk: 3579 bytes free

[06:09] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): JIRA™ there's a reason for it, it's a system and it does work.

[06:09] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): back

[06:09] North Reisende (northlander): oMG there is tthat cloud

[06:09] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Wow we was griefed

[06:09] Max Demar: naaa

[06:10] Jessica Lyon shouts:

[06:10] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): my friend are in the pub lol

[06:10] Daniel Voyager: thanks for the link :)

[06:11] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): no

[06:11] Aму (lilbittyamy): I see it fine

[06:11] Aму (lilbittyamy) laughs! xD

[06:11] Lette Ponnier: that's always gonna be on the side of the person seeing it

[06:11] BarryLoyd: Looks fine

[06:11] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): You look fine

[06:11] JoshR Woodrunner: looks good to me

[06:11] Lette Ponnier: so as long as Chakat sees you fine ;)

[06:11] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Mmm, tasty calories. @ flies

[06:11] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): ctrl-s

[06:12] Qie Niangao: So, I wonder... if this is to be technical subjects only, it may be wise to state that up-front. Otherwise, judging by the comments on the blog, most of the discussion will be about land and other non-technical changes. (Which would be great, too, if Pete is willing to talk about it.)

[06:13] Paige Theseus: Spruce, you're welcome to take a seat

[06:13] North Reisende (northlander): oh

[06:13] Aму (lilbittyamy): that would be me :P

[06:13] North Reisende (northlander): thats interesting

[06:13] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): So were're mostly stake holders then.

[06:13] Aму (lilbittyamy): nothing wrong with being a youngin'!

[06:13] North Reisende (northlander): less how many days old

[06:13] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): 1000

[06:14] Max Demar: Anyone here longer than 8 yrs?

[06:14] BarryLoyd: I'm 4 years old actually XD

[06:14] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): i 2

[06:14] North Reisende (northlander): oh wow

[06:14] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): i mean 2

[06:14] Qie Niangao: But if you *did* buy L$s, I think you get PIOF on the account.

[06:14] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): what does that have to do with anything

[06:14] Chakat Northspring (panterapolnocy): Well, oldest person here (account-wise) is luminye Onizuka

[06:14] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): to be here less then 1000 days

[06:14] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): I started in 2004, then quit. Wish I hadn't. Came back in 2010 and got a clue, then never left.

[06:14] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): XD

[06:15] Chakat Northspring (panterapolnocy): 10 years, 3 months.

[06:15] Vivienne Daguerre: 10 years, 2 months... rez date April 2004

[06:15] Ryder Braveheart: As long as everyone understands I get to throw the first dart at the Lindens!

[06:15] Chakat Northspring (panterapolnocy): Just sort radar by age. :P

[06:15] Max Demar: congrats ..and here i thought 8+ yrs was long

[06:15] lovechild1962: i agree how long your here has nothing to do with any thing every one has rights with what is giong on now

[06:15] lovechild1962: •°o.OO.o° »чєαђ!« °o.OO.o°•

[06:15] lovechild1962: •°o.OO.o° »чєαђ!« °o.OO.o°•

[06:15] lovechild1962: •°o.OO.o° »чєαђ!« °o.OO.o°•

[06:16] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): He's a cruel person, Ed is.

[06:16] Max Demar: i was just curious

[06:16] FrannyDJ Dean: 8+here too

[06:16] lovechild1962: * ' * LoOoL * ' *

[06:16] lovechild1962: * ★ * LoOoL * ★ * max

[06:16] Max Demar: now I need to go buy something cool ...middle age crisis of SL

[06:16] FrannyDJ Dean: lol

[06:16] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): a cool motorcycle

[06:17] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): hands you a card

[06:17] Paige Theseus: Please don't use long gestures. Local chat will be clogged enough without them

[06:17] Ryder Braveheart: I'm eight years old, I was late in the game

[06:17] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier) snickers

[06:17] lovechild1962: borry did not mean to use gestures it was a trigger ty

[06:17] Aму (lilbittyamy) laughs! xD

[06:17] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): i'm new. this is my first day here.

[06:17] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): where do i mine for gold?

[06:17] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Yeah Cinder, now pull the other one.

[06:18] Aму (lilbittyamy): oh well welcome to SL, allow us to bully you into using Firestorm?

[06:18] Paige Theseus: That's obvious, Cinder. You're wearing a box :P

[06:18] Aму (lilbittyamy): lmao

[06:18] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Where's the boss I'm supposed to kill

[06:18] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): lol

[06:18] Ryder Braveheart: We should have all come as those original avatars

[06:18] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): wow

[06:18] FrannyDJ Dean: ruth lives

[06:19] Aму (lilbittyamy): Ruth convention

[06:19] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): Achievement Earned: Catlady Defeated

[06:19] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): hey the new ones are mesh

[06:19] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Yeah me too, I can't believe how lame she was.

[06:19] Ryder Braveheart: I meant the guys who had to throw grenades to terraform a sim =p

[06:19] FrannyDJ Dean: one shape fits all lol

[06:20] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Oh - the Primitars. Heh. I have one somewhere, but forget where. xd

[06:20] Paige Theseus: Mesh avatars for newcomers only makes it harder to teach them how to outfit themselves

[06:21] Paige Theseus: "First, you have to forget you ever wore that"


[06:21] Aму (lilbittyamy) laughs! xD

[06:21] Paige Theseus: Plotting

[06:21] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): ok

[06:21] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Your conspireing eh?

[06:21] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): i tell joke then

[06:22] Paige Theseus: I'll make it easy, and go afk

[06:22] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): >.>

[06:22] Ryder Braveheart: Yes Kerena!

[06:22] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): jessica, do you want twitch integration?

[06:22] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): jessica can you post that link again

[06:22] Ryder Braveheart: :)

[06:23] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): please

[06:23] Jessica Lyon shouts:

[06:23] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): the sdk is free.

[06:23] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): thank you

[06:23] Aму (lilbittyamy): Jessica, it's not a game, it's a shared user experience :P

[06:23] Saffia Widdershins: Probably :-)

[06:23] FrannyDJ Dean: yey liberty

[06:23] Paige Theseus: Very good point, Amy

[06:23] Aму (lilbittyamy): we're very sensitive about our not a game!

[06:23] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): I forgot we were live streaming. I should have worn a large barrel or something. *is cam shy*

[06:24] Paige Theseus: Oh, I should have worn glitch pants for the live stream?

[06:24] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): XD

[06:24] FrannyDJ Dean: hahahaha

[06:24] Aму (lilbittyamy): hopefully you're not wearing yesterday's underwear?

[06:25] Max Demar: who are you asking?

[06:25] Max Demar: lol

[06:25] Aму (lilbittyamy): I meant Paige, but if any of the rest of you are... hope that camera isn't nosy...

[06:26] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki) has self-cleaning armor. is lazy.

[06:26] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Hmm I was getting 25FPS

[06:26] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): A blonde gets on an airplane and sits down in the first class section of the plane. The stewardess rushes over to her and tells her she must move to coach because she doesn't have a first class ticket. The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm smart, I have a good job, and I'm staying in first class until we reach Jamaica."


 The disgusted stewardess gets the head stewardess who asks the blonde to leave. The blonde yet again repeats "I'm blonde, I'm smart, I have a good job and I'm staying in first class until we reach Jamaica." The head stewardesses doesn't even know what to do at this point because they still have to get the rest of the passengers seated to take off; the blode is causing a problem with boarding now, so the stewardess gets the copilot.


 The copilot goes up to the blonde and whispers in her ear. She immediately gets up and goes to her seat in the coach section. The head stewardess asks the copilot in amazement what he said to get her to move to her correct seat. The copilot replies, "I told her

[06:26] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1):  the front half of the airplane wasn't going to Jamaica."

[06:26] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): I didn't have to turn anything down on my new PC

[06:26] BarryLoyd: XD

[06:27] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): A blonde gets on an airplane and sits down in the first class section of the plane. The stewardess rushes over to her and tells her she must move to coach because she doesn't have a first class ticket. The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm smart, I have a good job, and I'm staying in first class until we reach Jamaica."


 The disgusted stewardess gets the head stewardess who asks the blonde to leave. The blonde yet again repeats "I'm blonde, I'm smart, I have a good job and I'm staying in first class until we reach Jamaica." The head stewardesses doesn't even know what to do at this point because they still have to get the rest of the passengers seated to take off; the blode is causing a problem with boarding now, so the stewardess gets the copilot.


 The copilot goes up to the blonde and whispers in her ear. She immediately gets up and goes to her seat in the coach section. The head stewardess asks the copilot in amazement what he said to get her to move to her correct seat. The copilot replies, "I told her

[06:27] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1):  the front half of the airplane wasn't going to Jamaica."

[06:27] FrannyDJ Dean: i pose a question to you all what do you think about if even 75% of sl goes to the new grid do you then thin sl will be viable to the lindens any more? seem like a joke saying they will keep sl going

[06:27] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Blond jokes!!!!

[06:27] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): how did you kown lol

[06:27] Saffia Widdershins: The camera can though - which helps.

[06:28] Qie Niangao: At most, SL2 may borrow some scraps from HiFi.

[06:28] Aму (lilbittyamy): Just keep using SL, and SL will keep on keeping on ;)

[06:28] Vivienne Daguerre: ooooo I would love to attend that

[06:29] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Yeah. As long as we support SL, that will be good for us in SL.

[06:29] Saffia Widdershins: Yes - we'll be talking about communities - what it would take to get them involved ... and alsio the sustainability of Second Life

[06:29] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Geta an alt logged in there now :D

[06:29] FrannyDJ Dean: most i talked with say they are going

[06:29] Qie Niangao: There is a bit of overlap in topic, SL1 & SL2 such as: will we get features in SL1 that enhances our ability to move content we create here to the new platform?

[06:29] Saffia Widdershins laughs

[06:30] FrannyDJ Dean: they say no we wont qie

[06:30] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1) Opens a Beer!

[06:30] Aму (lilbittyamy): mmm, popcorn

[06:30] FrannyDJ Dean: pass it on olly

[06:30] Saffia Widdershins:

[06:30] North Reisende (northlander) throws popcorn all over the room

[06:30] Aму (lilbittyamy): ahaha

[06:30] Aму (lilbittyamy): the sky is falling!

[06:30] Aму (lilbittyamy): looool

[06:30] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): ty

[06:30] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): trys to catch some

[06:31] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): i think its already started to fall

[06:31] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): breakfast

[06:31] Ryder Braveheart: I wish some people wouldn't have their mics so incredibly loud compared to the rest

[06:31] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Awww my scripted popcorn won't work *sulks*

[06:31] Aму (lilbittyamy): we're hoping to hear about the direction SL might be going in next?

[06:31] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): look how many sims were returned

[06:31] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): lower them

[06:31] Nena Sophia MacIntyre-Mynx (verena.brune): you can always open up the nearby voice tab and adjust the volume of said mics to fit the volume you want, Ryder :)

[06:31] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): buisness is super low

[06:31] Flossy Andrew: you csn adjust individual volume ryder

[06:31] Aму (lilbittyamy): I'm excited to hear about it, that's for sure :))

[06:31] Ryder Braveheart: oh

[06:32] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): It's pretty cool. @ new feature

[06:32] Aму (lilbittyamy): ahaha

[06:32] Paige Theseus: Prefs > Sound & Media > Voice Settings, Hear voice equally from everyone

[06:32] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): on Firestorm?

[06:32] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Prefs -> Sound & Media -> Voice settings -> Paige beat me

[06:32] Qie Niangao: Right, but one might reasonably wonder if SL1 will get some "adjustment" of the "taxes" between land fees and (say) sales commissions... where we know that's coming in SL2.

[06:32] Paige Theseus: That's because your Chucking Fatlagged, Whirly

[06:33] Paige Theseus: *you're

[06:33] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): >.<

[06:33] Ryder Braveheart: I have the hear voice equally from everyone on!!! but the person who talked about the equalizer is much louder than everyone else

[06:33] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): marketplace will continue to suck. don't worry.

[06:33] Aму (lilbittyamy): ahahahaha

[06:33] FrannyDJ Dean: lol

[06:33] Aму (lilbittyamy): good to know

[06:33] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): :D

[06:33] Paige Theseus: Well done, Cinder ^_^

[06:34] Qie Niangao: Oh, oh, speaking of suck: hope somebody asks about in-world Search.

[06:34] Lette Ponnier: there are already A LOT from the blog

[06:34] Lette Ponnier: so really, there are no guarantees that new ones will make it in

[06:34] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): lette, ask if they can unban prokofy from jira for 24 hours.

[06:34] Ryder Braveheart: Who's speaking now

[06:34] Lette Ponnier: no

[06:35] Lette Ponnier: this one has about 60

[06:35] Ryder Braveheart: to jessica?

[06:35] Lette Ponnier: and about a fourth of them are on the wrong topic

[06:35] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): food

[06:35] North Reisende (northlander): eat popcorn

[06:35] Lette Ponnier: i don't even know who that would be, Tinkerballa

[06:35] Ryder Braveheart: Techwolf, could you lower your input volume, please?

[06:35] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Oh theres Oz

[06:35] Qie Niangao: Ed: You were, but you didn't have any open groups. :p

[06:36] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Is there a question about LL going to provide assurances that they will provide some notice before Second Life is shutdown?

[06:36] Lette Ponnier: sort of

[06:36] Lette Ponnier: yes

[06:36] Lette Ponnier: it is

[06:36] Paige Theseus: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9 Darktiger. That will keep you safe from the type of crash you had

[06:37] Paige Theseus: Bookmark this page for later also, Tiger:

[06:38] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Bless you

[06:38] North Reisende (northlander): BLESS YOU

[06:38] wendy Moonwing: bless you

[06:38] Ryder Braveheart: Bless you

[06:38] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Bless you...

[06:38] North Reisende (northlander): who ever sneezed

[06:38] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Plenty of free resources on the group chat servers for Sl2 :P

[06:38] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): bless you

[06:38] Ryder Braveheart: lol

[06:38] FrannyDJ Dean: its great that the lindes are coming to talk here today but will they contiune to keep us informed about the NEW platform?

[06:38] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Cutest sneeze I've heard for about a month.

[06:38] Flossy Andrew: now wipe off the keyoard

[06:39] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Geeze 55 they are still thinking about the design...

[06:39] Ryder Braveheart: Not only her sneeze is cute!

[06:39] Paige Theseus shouts: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9 Darktiger. That will keep you safe from the type of crash you had

[06:39] Paige Theseus shouts: Bookmark this page for later also, Tiger:

[06:39] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): linden balance ? what would we need lindens for there will be nothing there to buy

[06:39] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): And it won't smell of money as it burns, either. >.>

[06:39] FrannyDJ Dean: yep they will need our money lol

[06:40] Aму (lilbittyamy): agree!

[06:40] North Reisende (northlander): its better to keep going here

[06:40] Aму (lilbittyamy): worry about your SL, while you can :P

[06:40] Ryder Braveheart: Well, what they do on the new platform will no doubt influence SL

[06:40] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Better to pour it into where it's needed, i.e. SL. My cat needs food, and that won't change.

[06:40] FrannyDJ Dean: but not our inventory why not wipe us out thats more money for them lol

[06:40] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): I think that 2016 is VERY optimistic...

[06:40] Flossy Andrew: good.....we don't need a riot here

[06:41] Paige Theseus shouts: Love that shirt, Ed, but I think your avatar fell asleep and your friends pranked your arms with markers

[06:41] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki) makes note: buy many cars. :3

[06:41] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Then it was Beta for what 3 years?

[06:41] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): lower tier that will stimulate the economy that Ebbe took down

[06:42] Paige Theseus: LOL

[06:42] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Hahahahahahaha

[06:42] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): :D

[06:42] Paige Theseus shouts: LOL

[06:42] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): lol ed is very prankable

[06:43] Paige Theseus shouts: You'd look great in my heels, Ed

[06:44] Jessica Lyon: Can't hear voice now folks

[06:44] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): LOL

[06:44] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): thank you

[06:45] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): you can sit on my keen lol

[06:45] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): ㋡

[06:46] Paige Theseus: Bella, your mic is open

[06:46] Intrusofuzz Oh shouts: Oz is here

[06:46] Paige Theseus: Good morning, Oz!

[06:46] BarryLoyd: Hi Oz

[06:46] Intrusofuzz Oh: hello!

[06:46] Flossy Andrew: hello oz

[06:46] Ryder Braveheart: The great and powerful

[06:46] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Hello, Oz. :)

[06:46] Aму (lilbittyamy): welcome, Oz!

[06:47] lovechild1962: Hi! oz

[06:47] Chakat Northspring (panterapolnocy): =^.^= MURRRR

[06:47] Paige Theseus: Note to self: Buy Oz a good AO

[06:47] North Reisende (northlander): Hello Oz

[06:47] Daniel Voyager: Hey Oz

[06:47] Vivienne Daguerre: hello Oz

[06:47] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): looks like a noob

[06:48] link: Spruce, I'll love you forever.  Love, JD

[06:48] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): don't believe him spruce, JD said that to me too.

[06:48] Aму (lilbittyamy): ahahaha

[06:48] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): when i bought a ring.

[06:49] Spruce West Canning (spruce.canning): LOL

[06:49] Aму (lilbittyamy): JD loves us all

[06:49] Aму (lilbittyamy): probably JD >.>

[06:49] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): hahahahahahaha

[06:49] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): sad face.

[06:50] FrannyDJ Dean: is anyone speaking i dont hear anything anymore?

[06:50] Aму (lilbittyamy): sure is

[06:50] Qie Niangao: True patriot love, etc.

[06:50] o.O ɹǝʞuɐ ʎןןo O.o (ollyian1): get druck lol

[06:50] JoshR Woodrunner: poutine

[06:51] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): druck

[06:51] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): can you do that

[06:51] North Reisende (northlander): I slept most of the day

[06:51] North Reisende (northlander): and watch fireworks in the eveinging

[06:51] Aму (lilbittyamy): welcome, Pete!

[06:51] Vivienne Daguerre smiles...

[06:51] Vivienne Daguerre: Hello Pete

[06:51] Flossy Andrew: hello pete

[06:51] Daniel Voyager: hiya Pete

[06:51] lovechild1962: Hi! pete

[06:52] BarryLoyd: Hi Pete

[06:52] Max Demar: hi Pete

[06:52] Intrusofuzz Oh: hello pete

[06:52] Pete Linden: Good morning, everyone!

[06:52] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): Morning

[06:52] North Reisende (northlander): Hello Pete

[06:52] Paige Theseus: Good morning Pete

[06:52] wendy Moonwing: Hello Pete:))

[06:52] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Hello, Pete. :)

[06:53] Vivienne Daguerre: you pass

[06:53] Paige Theseus: Oz: 1

[06:53] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Hear ya

[06:53] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Hear you Oz

[06:53] Intrusofuzz Oh shouts: loud and clear

[06:53] Max Demar: sound fine

[06:53] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Hi5!

[06:53] Daniel Voyager: working

[06:53] Aму (lilbittyamy): loud and clear!

[06:53] wendy Moonwing: hear you

[06:53] Rosamoo (rosamoo.mendelsohn): yeah! thought I was deaf

[06:53] Ryder Braveheart passes the Lindens his wish list for this year.

[06:53] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): i can't test because i don't have an slvoice stub yet. :(

[06:53] Paige Theseus shouts: 1

[06:54] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): hear you fine

[06:54] Rosamoo (rosamoo.mendelsohn): yes

[06:54] BarryLoyd: Yep

[06:54] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): nope

[06:54] Intrusofuzz Oh shouts: yes

[06:54] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki) is seeing and hearing. :)

[06:54] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): yep

[06:54] Flossy Andrew: yup......sounds good

[06:54] Paige Theseus shouts: You have happy voice, Oz

[06:54] Vivienne Daguerre: yes

[06:55] Paige Theseus shouts: 1

[06:55] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Hear you

[06:55] Intrusofuzz Oh shouts: hello

[06:55] Max Demar: gm

[06:55] Paige Theseus shouts: 1

[06:55] Vivienne Daguerre: I hear you well Pete

[06:55] wendy Moonwing: hear you

[06:55] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Good morning! :)

[06:55] Ryder Braveheart: I don't hear oz anymore

[06:56] Flossy Andrew: lol

[06:56] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): plz use voice morphing.

[06:56] Flossy Andrew: yeah I hear you all just fine

[06:56] FrannyDJ Dean: still low

[06:57] Paige Theseus: You were doing great when you first arrived, Oz

[06:57] Flossy Andrew: you can adjust individual voice levels

[06:57] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): good can hear you all great

[06:57] Ryder Braveheart: cool

[06:57] Qie Niangao: that's a bit louder, Oz. and it was fine before, too

[06:57] Paige Theseus: Great, Oz!!

[06:57] Paige Theseus shouts: Great, Oz!!

[06:57] Vivienne Daguerre smiles...

[06:57] Vivienne Daguerre: sounding good

[06:57] Ryder Braveheart: yes!

[06:57] Max Demar: GOOD

[06:57] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Yes. :D

[06:57] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): all questions must be asked in robot voice morphing mode, comrade.

[06:57] Flossy Andrew: yup...great

[06:57] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): 5X5 Oz

[06:57] Becky (canary.beck) shouts: I hear you : )

[06:57] BarryLoyd: Good good

[06:57] Jessica Lyon shouts: Welcome everyone to the Q&A. This will be held primarily in voice so you'll need voice to be running but please keep your microphones muted.

[06:58] Daniel Voyager: Tateru Nino says hi to Pete Linden via Twitter :)

[06:59] Ryder Braveheart: wow

[06:59] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): you can do that on skype

[07:00] Jessica Lyon shouts: We'll get started momentarily folks.

[07:00] Jessica Lyon shouts:  is the live stream

[07:01] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Hot mike Oz

[07:01] Ryder Braveheart: I love Pete's shoes!

[07:01] Pete Linden: thanks, Ryder!

[07:02] Paige Theseus: Pete's distracted by his groupies ^_^

[07:02] Intrusofuzz Oh: xd

[07:03] Oz Linden loves the poster on the back wall :-)

[07:04] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): jessica stole it from a website.

[07:04] wendy Moonwing: Yay!

[07:04] Intrusofuzz Oh: ^^good !

[07:04] BarryLoyd: Hehe

[07:04] Flossy Andrew: :-))))

[07:04] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki):

[07:05] Aму (lilbittyamy): excellent, worth the 6 hour wait

[07:05] Daniel Voyager: YAY!

[07:05] Aму (lilbittyamy): xD

[07:05] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Totally.

[07:05] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): do you plan on shutting down teen grid?

[07:05] Ryder Braveheart: Did she just call him a horse?

[07:05] Aму (lilbittyamy): if it does, though, Ryder has dibs on Pete's trainers

[07:06] Jessica Lyon shouts: If you have questions about Second life please IM them to Lette Ponnier up on stage beside me.

[07:06] FrannyDJ Dean: yes be a shame to wipe out al the creativity here

[07:07] Lette Ponnier turns her autoresponse off lol

[07:09] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): we keep coming back

[07:09] lovechild1962: is linden lab makeing enough profit

[07:09] Paige Theseus: It's good to see a leader of the SL "government" responding positively to "reasonable discourse"

[07:10] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): do somthing that reasures us that the economy is going to be strong and makes people want to spend Ls here Lower the tier in the long run it will stimulate the economy

[07:12] Paige Theseus: Server-side Apearance was the single most drastic improvement to the majority of SL users

[07:12] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Even just with LSL accessors for materials...

[07:14] Ryder Braveheart: lol

[07:14] Chakat Northspring (panterapolnocy): Motoko, check

[07:17] North Reisende (northlander): nice

[07:18] FrannyDJ Dean: i wish we in sl could be a part of the plans for the new platform with our feedback and ideas :)

[07:18] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Ty.

[07:18] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): hummm

[07:19] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): FIC

[07:19] wendy Moonwing: that's good to hear

[07:20] Intrusofuzz Oh: ^^ nice!

[07:21] Paige Theseus: That's part of the law of inertia

[07:23] FrannyDJ Dean: but how do you keep both going if most go to new platform ?

[07:24] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): that is happening now look how many buisnesses have left and the amount of sims returned just in the time ebbe said his remark to date

[07:24] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): check your stats

[07:25] FrannyDJ Dean: exactaly so how is sl going to be a money maker for the lindens !

[07:25] JoshR Woodrunner: Is it possible that we might find that we might live in both worlds .. that SL might be better for some things, and the new platform might be better for others - so we could use both -- and that you would try to make it easy for us to move between them?

[07:26] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): yeah now that their was a slip of the tongue

[07:28] FrannyDJ Dean: what is exprience keys ?

[07:28] FrannyDJ Dean: yey

[07:28] Techwolf Lupindo: Creator or owner of scripts?

[07:28] Aму (lilbittyamy): eeeeexcellent

[07:28] Daniel Voyager: nice

[07:29] Paige Theseus: Inara, would you "Shout" that link with Ctrl+Enter, please?

[07:30] گиіρєя (sniper.siemens) shouts:

[07:30] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): group chat ?

[07:30] Paige Theseus: lol

[07:31] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): more important things then group chat i would think

[07:31] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): lol

[07:31] FrannyDJ Dean: lag lag lag lol

[07:31] BarryLoyd: Awesome

[07:31] FrannyDJ Dean: i meant in general :)

[07:32] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Maddi, actually group chat is very very visable and percieved as being important by many if not most users.

[07:32] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): yay CEF

[07:32] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): It's pretty much the hub of SL community handling, so I believe it's rather important and it's good that it's being improved. :-)

[07:33] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): im the average and i dont think that is so important

[07:33] ズץliє O'んαяα (kylie.shergood) raises hand

[07:34] Techwolf Lupindo: Does CEF have licience fees?

[07:34] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): CEF is free.

[07:34] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): BSD licensed

[07:34] FrannyDJ Dean: planing or when the numbers drop will you still keep sl when you only have 25% here ?

[07:35] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): what is important is the cost of tier that is important ,if you make it so expensive that you cant be here then that is a huge problem for regular people and buisnesses dont you think ????

[07:35] FrannyDJ Dean: agrees expecially in this economy

[07:36] FrannyDJ Dean: lost 3 sims so far

[07:36] Paige Theseus is glad she isn't trying to steer the conversation to stamp collecting, as some seem to be trying to steer it to other subjects

[07:36] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): exactly Franny

[07:36] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Pipelining! \o/

[07:36] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Yes. Pipelining.

[07:36] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): \o/

[07:37] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): windlight improvements

[07:38] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): lowering tier and bringing in new buisnesses and keeping what is here

[07:38] FrannyDJ Dean: agrees

[07:38] Ryder Braveheart: Great!!!

[07:38] FrannyDJ Dean: :)

[07:38] Paige Theseus changes her Tag so she can laugh openly at Maaddi

[07:38] Flossy Andrew: lol

[07:39] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): you dissagree Paige ?

[07:39] Paige Theseus: I neither agree nor disagree. If you don't like land tier, don't buy land

[07:40] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): Paige that is what is important to every one not just you

[07:40] North Reisende (northlander) whispers: GRRRR

[07:40] North Reisende (northlander): I dont want to hear it

[07:41] Ryder Braveheart: Why not?

[07:41] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): and there it is folks

[07:41] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): booo!!!

[07:41] FrannyDJ Dean: undersand thay you need to make money but be in touch with the economy in the rl

[07:41] Ryder Braveheart: At least tell us why you're not lowering tier

[07:42] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): skimmed over , we dont count not important ,

[07:42] Paige Theseus: The same reason farmers aren't lowering the cost of milk?

[07:42] Paige Theseus: It costs what it costs.

[07:43] Flossy Andrew: yup

[07:43] Aму (lilbittyamy): Well said Paige.

[07:43] North Reisende (northlander): I agree Paige

[07:43] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Are these the changes in Tiger?

[07:43] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Yay! @ vid mem uncapping

[07:43] Paige Theseus: Very good re: GPU memory, Oz!

[07:44] Paige Theseus pokes her finger in Oz's mouth as he yawns

[07:44] Techwolf Lupindo: Did you stay up late Oz? :-)

[07:45] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): oh yes this is all so important stuff

[07:45] Aму (lilbittyamy): we get it, tier is important to you, this other stuff is important to us so please be polite

[07:46] Flossy Andrew: yes

[07:46] Darkover Tone: it's a factor even in groups where there isn't really any chat activity?

[07:46] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): dont be snipity with me Amy i said its important

[07:46] Paige Theseus: lol @ Maaddi

[07:47] ズץliє O'んαяα (kylie.shergood): Skill Gaming!

[07:47] ズץliє O'んαяα (kylie.shergood): LOOOOVE IT!

[07:48] ズץliє O'んαяα (kylie.shergood): WHAT?!?

[07:48] FrannyDJ Dean: disneyland lol

[07:48] ズץliє O'んαяα (kylie.shergood): NOOO I DON'T WANT CHILD AVIS GO AWAY

[07:48] ズץliє O'んαяα (kylie.shergood): OH THANK GOODNESS

[07:48] Darkover Tone: inworld search is really horrid atm

[07:49] lovechild1962: yes it is

[07:49] Lemar Bruun: the old V1 style search....still so many advantages over the V3 web browser style search

[07:49] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): not using google app engine would be a good start.

[07:49] Jessica Lyon: I doubt they would know anything about that Azlyn. That's governance.

[07:49] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): *google search appliance

[07:50] Pete Linden: just to circle back to the gaming question to be sure I'm clear, by 'games of chance' I meant gambling, which isn't allowed in SL

[07:50] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): What about the skill games policy, Pete?

[07:50] FrannyDJ Dean: makes us indviduals lol

[07:51] Techwolf Lupindo: Google search appliance was used for one verion of search. Due to a jira bug, found out how they are using it. LL is pointing the google app to web pages of proflles, stores, regines, etc. And filtering out some of the header/metadata. That leaves very little to search on due to everyone is searching metadata, not web pages of info.

[07:52] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): :) @ Oz

[07:53] BarryLoyd: ^^^^

[07:53] FrannyDJ Dean: still want to know what happens when we only have 26% of the sl communit goes over to the new platform what will you do to keep sl alive !

[07:53] Techwolf Lupindo: The current Skill Games are gambling, but read somewhere that a court case force LL to keep them as they was legily was not gambling, but only by a technial defention.

[07:53] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): the current skill games are not gambling.

[07:54] FrannyDJ Dean: or will you then shut it down

[07:54] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): and they don't fall under the gambling policy. there is a seperate policy.

[07:54] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): slot games are gambling and should be AR'd.

[07:54] Darkover Tone: It's hard to get them to stay after them being used to other kinds of modern games

[07:55] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Under Californai Law (the operative law here) Draw poker is a game of skill.

[07:55] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): what about a easy med and advanced viewers for new people coming in so they will not be so over whelmed with how hard it is

[07:55] Techwolf Lupindo: Same loophole use in many states to bypass the law, put a skill stop or similar button of skill.

[07:55] Denzel Benazzi: LL has lost 4000 sims in the past two years, keeping doing what we are doing will make it harder without lower tier rates

[07:55] FrannyDJ Dean: too mush uncertnety about the future of sl you need to talk more about this

[07:56] Paige Theseus: Denzel, land costs what it costs, and many land barons make money on owning and renting parcels on sims. Land costs what it costs.

[07:56] Darkover Tone: ........

[07:57] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): a stop button on a slot machine is not enough to qualify it as a skill game in sl. if you don't know the policy, don't bother pretending to.

[07:58] ズץliє O'んαяα (kylie.shergood): hehehe

[07:59] Techwolf Lupindo: I've delt with those games IRL. So I know I bit more then some virurial policy.

[07:59] Denzel Benazzi: Yukigakure, a token lowering of tier rates that would INCLUDE the rates of tier for the large land barons would help everyone across the board

[07:59] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): NO

[08:00] Flossy Andrew: yaaaay

[08:00] wendy Moonwing: Wonderful:))

[08:00] FrannyDJ Dean: done leave is the answer

[08:00] lovechild1962: good to know

[08:00] FrannyDJ Dean: dont go to the new gird lol

[08:00] Maaddi RyDen (maaddi): easier viewer may help

[08:00] Flossy Andrew: thank you oz and pete

[08:00] ღβεℓℓα βoo Sשαηѕєηღ (bellabonita): Thank you

[08:00] Lette Ponnier: apologies to everyone whose questions we couldn't get to... please don't take it personally, there were >20 or so Qs there wasn't time for.

[08:01] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): and i work full time for an online gaming company irl with a presence in sl. like i said, if you don't know the policy, don't pretend to.

[08:01] Daniel Voyager: great session :) thanks

[08:01] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): Thank you Oz & Pete

[08:01] lovechild1962: ty oz ty pete ty jessica ty lette

[08:01] Aму (lilbittyamy): thanks Oz and Pete :)

[08:01] Qie Niangao: Thanks.

[08:01] JoshR Woodrunner: thanks guys

[08:01] FrannyDJ Dean: we want more meetings on the new grid

[08:01] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Thank you Oz and Pete.

[08:01] Aму (lilbittyamy): and thankyou Jessica and Lette for facilitating the discussion

[08:01] BarryLoyd: hehe

[08:01] wendy Moonwing: Thank You very much

[08:01] Paige Theseus: Thank you, Oz and Pete

[08:01] ズץliє O'んαяα (kylie.shergood): Cali in the house!

[08:01] Pete Linden: Thank you everyone!

[08:01] Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Oz and Pete.

[08:02] Techwolf Lupindo: You said online. Try RL, like phycials machines.

[08:02] Aisling Sinclair: Thanks, Oz and Pete and thanks Jessica and Lette for hosting

[08:02] BarryLoyd: Thanks for taking the time to clarify on these subjects!

[08:02] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): Thank YOU!

[08:02] ᴎѯᴋᴓ-ᴓו (motoko.henusaki): ♥

[08:02] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Ship it!

[08:02] North Reisende (northlander): THanks Pete and Oz

[08:02] Vivienne Daguerre: Thank you for coming Oz and Pete

[08:02] Techwolf Lupindo: You know, the ones if not done right, can land you in jail. :-)

[08:02] Jessica Lyon: Folks, we'll have an afterhours Q&A as we always do. Probably without the company of Oz and Pete though.

[08:02] Jessica Lyon shouts: Folks, we'll have an afterhours Q&A as we always do. Probably without the company of Oz and Pete though.

[08:02] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): those don't have anything to do with sl.

[08:02] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier) sits back down

[08:03] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Jodi is a wizard!!!!

[08:03] Jodi ™ (jodi.nikolaidis): you can start the meetign now °͜°

[08:04] Jessica Lyon shouts: Sorry guys, still talking a bit in the production skype call

[08:04] BarryLoyd: hehe

[08:04] Ryder Braveheart: lol

[08:04] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): Hire Ed!!!!

[08:05] Ryder Braveheart: Thanks Linden people for coming

[08:05] Paige Theseus: Ed, you have two Lindens here who could God-mode fire you!

[08:05] Vivienne Daguerre: I heard 1 pm SLT

[08:05] Hope of Ar (hope.dreier): LOL

[08:05] Paige Theseus shouts: Ed, you have two Lindens here who could God-mode fire you!

[08:05] BarryLoyd: Yuuus do it again

[08:05] Chucking Fatlag (whirly.fizzle): SEnd Ed to the Cornfield :P

[08:05] FrannyDJ Dean: cant we be a part of that

[08:05] Drop Dead Cinder (cinder.roxley): meetings about the new platform should take place on the new platform.

[08:05] FrannyDJ Dean: beforehand

[08:06] Lette Ponnier: might be back in a sec

[08:06] FrannyDJ Dean: not after the fact too late then

[08:06] North Reisende (northlander): yeah run away

[08:06] North Reisende (northlander): lol

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  • Louis

    When you know that 1 Million USD is traded each day in Second Life that makes 365.000.000 $USD per year. Where do you expect that money comes from? When thousands of creators and professional artists go to Second Life each day working full time jobs to create fantastic goods and services for people to enjoy, do you expect they do this for free? Of course Linden rakes in 5% commisson on that on top of all the tier fees they collect. Linden the software development company sets up a real economy using virtual money which they allow to convert to real world currency. This enables trade and commerce on their platform. Linden invites creative people, talent, businesses to come and engage into commerce on their platform. In return Linden rakes in commission and fees which gives Linden Lab millions of Dollars in profit each month. Sounds legit right? It is legit business until the point where Linden Lab under the reign of Rod Humble starts making TOS changes claiming ownership of all the content in Second Life and making a claim for people their intellectual property rights. At the same time Linden Lab did also update their TOS writing stating: “We are not your employer, you do not work for us”. Nobody understood why Linden Lab would want to make such claims at that point. The huge outrage by creators kept Linden Lab silent. Peter Gray, yes the one you are supposed to believe now did state: “Hey people keep calm we will not steal your content. Linden Lab is not interested to steal your content” Yes Linden Lab was indeed not interested to steal your content, Linden Lab was in fact already working on their new platform and making plans to cover themselves from claims by creators and investors, and even legal claims by residents who did purchase goods on their platform for the day that Linden Lab would shut down their platform. Once Linden Lab shuts down the grid as we know it today then Linden Lab could face a ton of lawsuits by people who did purchase goods on the platform. When a consumer buys goods and the seller cuts access to these goods or service while still in business then the company can face legal claims. As long as Linden Lab is solvent they are in a hard position to cut off the service they once collected fees from. By stating in their TOS: “We own everything, all the stuff is ours” Linden Lab hopes to protect itself from any claims by investors, creators and consumers. It is really dirty business when you think about it. It is important that the public is informed about all this. There is a lot at stake here for thousands of people who have jobs in Second Life and also for hundreds of thousands of people who paid money to purchase goods on Linden Lab their platform. Those in charge should not think they are untouchable. Philip Rosedale went to US congress to explain his intentions of the virtual world he was building in 2008 es.html Did he mention he would let people invest time and money in his platform and get rich from it to let it all crash and burn after a decade? Would US congress have allowed him to do that? Linden Lab did produce this document for ten years of Second Life SLB 10 age/serverpage/image-id/122385iFF8F502770BB86 62/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&px=-1 People did transact 3.2 Billion USD in 10 years time into the platform that is now the grid as we know it today. Now this grid is on maintenance mode without any guarantees to anyone about the future of the platform. This is not some social networking site that will get shut down where everybody has a free account. This is one of the largest platforms on the internet money wise, this is not a 40 Dollar game in need for an update. Linden Lab I know you are reading this, you need to make sure that people their content is protected and respected. You need to make sure you do not disrupt the businesses in Second Life because YOU did invite them to come over. YOU did need them to build your platform and your wealth. This is no provocation, this is what they are doing in Battery Street

  • andrea

    I'm neither reassured nor dismayed but i do wish SL were in joint ownership, a co-operative...

  • Phil

    Geeeesus people get a grip if you dislike sl so much leave no one is forcing you stay and there are heaps of virtual worlds out there some of even use technology that sl discarded years ago so if you like old technology go seek them out and if you listen and or read it properly it is only basicaly a working idea probably wont go into full release for upto 5 years and you have to keep on going forward thats a fact of life if a few get left behind that there problem there will be a lot of new people with new idea's to make it a great place, personally i will be looking forward to it

  • JimBob

    Oh I had my comments deleted and they was entirely appropriate. Censorship now so Firestorm has something to hide. Have you been paid a sum of money Jessica?

  • Silania Pastorelli

    EWho care what they look like, they are keeping SL so please stop being petty. The reason for the avatar's looks is that they rarely come into SL and when they do they don't want swamping with complaints as soon as we recognise them!

  • Grail Arnica

    The least comforting interview imaginable. The wrangling over the new TOS, the emphasis on server side rendering, all speak to the initial steps in monetizing and packaging a content-driven platform for selling and abandonment of the current SL platform, driving content creators and other creatives for the new platform,

  • Damian Tree

    So there's nothing you can talk about, nothing you can directly answer without being indirect and vague? Do we loose our investment in our assets because they won't transfer or what?

  • isobel byron

    Please look you guys......they want to change you....close you down......oz wants a good pention < just look at them? they cant even take any care with the thing they are trying to promote! you know oz is on his way out..... look at the other guy?...Pete.......oh god we sure dont trust his weird foot movments, come on guys ......we know your trying to soft soap us..just pass the servers over to ppl who really care..............and stop bull ***ting us!

  • isobel byron

    I Really dont trust these guys........i think we should buy them out.........its only money for them............its more than that for us..........pass the whole off second life over to its users.........go make your profits somewhere else..........we can tell your not reallly into your own second life.........Look at your own avatatrs?...........

  • isobel byron

    i have sinkd thousands into linden labs................will my inventory be valid in your new platform?......if not sell out guys.........we dont want you!!...........fall on your swords