SL11B Talks Meet The Designers - Mesh Creative


SL11B Talks Meet The Designers - Mesh Creative

Saffia Widdershins talks to the team.


Saffia Widdershins & Max Graff, Chris Lehman, Shai Delacroix, and Cain Maven

[14:05] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry) waves to everyone. "I sent a group shout-out 15 minutes ago."

[14:05] Mitsuko Kytori  あいさつ

[14:05] Petlove Petshop: hi all you down there

[14:06] Maxwell Graf: hello diana!

[14:06] Diana Fire (diana.renoir): Hi Max =)

[14:06] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): Holler if you need me :)

[14:14] Mavromichali Szondi grabs a seat

[14:15] Nash (nash.sauber): Why you draggin me here?

[14:17] Maxwell Graf: Hey Lev!

[14:17] Mavromichali Szondi: this is a very steep hill

[14:17] Petlove Petshop: careful Mav@!

[14:18] Mavromichali Szondi: pokes the stream

[14:21] Nash (nash.sauber): I'ma streak once they get the camera's rolling.

[14:26] Mavromichali Szondi: Hallo Emmo

[14:27] Emmo Wei: hi Mav

[14:27] Mavromichali Szondi: Hi Beq

[14:27] Beq Janus: Hi Mav, nice to see you

[14:28] laben Core: can you tell us how you feel about blender again? :)

[14:28] Kriss Lehmann: lol

[14:28] Leviathan Flux: are yoiu guys working on the new platform?

[14:28] Maxwell Graf: lol

[14:28] Samantha Ohrberg: lol

[14:28] Shai (shai.delacroix): lol

[14:29] Beq Janus: what's this "truthcommission" spam I get given everytime I get here?

[14:29] Lelani Carver also received the "truthcomission" spam

[14:29] Mavromichali Szondi: I didn't get any spam when I arrived

[14:29] Victoria Allegiere: nor did I

[14:29] Samantha Ohrberg: I'm not hearing the responses

[14:29] Diana Fire (diana.renoir): truthcommission has been estate banned, our best guess is that someone on the estate is feeding

him/her names to spam

[14:29] laben Core: I can only hear saffia

[14:30] Lelani Carver also can only hear Saffia

[14:30] Mavromichali Szondi: I can't hear anything right now

[14:30] Shai (shai.delacroix): oops

[14:31] Shai (shai.delacroix): lol i answered the wrong question

[14:32] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): SHAI

[14:32] Shai (shai.delacroix): DOC!!!

[14:32] Tia Biscuit: should ask in text many cos they can't hear it if they don't lol

[14:32] Victoria Allegiere: Voice is excellent here

[14:32] fibonacci (fib0nacci): yes

[14:32] lys guerrera (lys122): hola

[14:32] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): KRISS

[14:32] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): Max

[14:32] Damian Firecaster: i hear him ok

[14:32] lys guerrera (lys122): hola

[14:32] lys guerrera (lys122): hola

[14:32] Damian Firecaster: i hear them ok now

[14:32] lys guerrera (lys122): hola

[14:32] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): mic check is good

[14:32] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): check check

[14:33] Samantha Ohrberg: perfect.. Thank you SAffia

[14:33] Shai (shai.delacroix): lol doc

[14:33] Beq Janus: yay, my crash resovled my hearing issues

[14:33] lys guerrera (lys122): holaaaaaa

[14:33] lys guerrera (lys122): hello

[14:33] lys guerrera (lys122): hi

[14:33] Lelani Carver: 4x4 now thx

[14:33] lys guerrera (lys122): hi

[14:33] lys guerrera (lys122): hola

[14:35] laben Core: max, will you push for qarl's deformer on SL 2.0? hehe

[14:35] Mavromichali Szondi: relog did it

[14:36] lys guerrera (lys122): hola

[14:36] Maxwell Graf: if I have to do that again, I will get myself to a nunnery.

[14:36] Shai (shai.delacroix): haha

[14:39] Mavromichali Szondi: I wonder if you can reupload for free as a content creator?

[14:39] Mavromichali Szondi: limited time etc etc

[14:39] Beq Janus: if we don't get a better skeleton then we won;t have moved forward

[14:40] Mavromichali Szondi: But the fact is that people don't think like that - I "own" that photoshop I bought

[14:40] Mavromichali Szondi: You can convince creators, can you convince the average user who loses all their inventory

[14:40] lys guerrera (lys122): alguien que hable español

[14:41] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): myst

[14:41] Mavromichali Szondi: Dishonored!

[14:41] Mavromichali Szondi: plus the new Watchdogs is out now

[14:42] Mavromichali Szondi: hmm that's true -

[14:42] Mavromichali Szondi: you wouldn't expect crossover between games

[14:42] Damian Firecaster: look at what they are doing with the new everquest landmark

[14:42] Damian Firecaster: they are starting over from scratch

[14:42] Damian Firecaster: and it will be alot better then the old everquest

[14:43] Darkover Tone: I don't know if you can compare that to SL though

[14:43] Damian Firecaster: same with SL

[14:43] Damian Firecaster: SL is old

[14:43] Tia Biscuit: I've heard one thing that gives me cause for concern with the new platform. I heard this from the video where

Lindens were speaking to Firestorm team. Its that there is talk that SL2.0 could possibly be a no adult content grid. I just don't see

how it would be managed with regards to what we create here... I mean most of what we create has adult appeal to it. Also the fact it

will be closed source?

[14:43] Mavromichali Szondi: Hi Fidelity does have some sort of link idea I think?

[14:43] Damian Firecaster: the foundation it is built on is very old

[14:43] hunter404404: Hi everyone

[14:43] Mavromichali Szondi: Closed Source worries me because the SL viewer sucks for building

[14:43] Samantha Ohrberg: NEw world mean... new cool things..

[14:43] Darkover Tone: in most of those games you progress and gather items as part of your regular subscription, while in SL you spend

additional RL money on your items

[14:43] Damian Firecaster: you cant

[14:43] Damian Firecaster: you have to build a new SL

[14:43] Damian Firecaster: Right

[14:44] Damian Firecaster: Exactly

[14:44] Mitsuko Kytori: but in other side, there are standard format in 3D industry and it is possible to ensure compatibly between

second life and the next linden lab platform

[14:44] Paris Lux (askparis): I'm soo late arriving x.x

[14:44] Damian Firecaster: Yes

[14:44] Mavromichali Szondi: I think I could let go of SL if I were sure that they will focus on creators and community in thenext

platform rather than ditching it for consumerism and facebook integration

[14:44] hunter404404: Helllo

[14:45] hunter404404: hey

[14:45] Samantha Ohrberg: Well we could view it this way...  Say with your PC and you upgrade your operating system from  Vista to

version 8.. the operating system updated but any items on our PC will remain in tack

[14:45] Damian Firecaster: SL 2.0 will be 10 times better then SL1

[14:45] Mavromichali Szondi: I think people like me will struggle for a while though. Anyone who wants a non-standard avatar will end up

human for a while

[14:45] Damian Firecaster: oh no

[14:45] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): amen

[14:46] Damian Firecaster: SL will stay for along time

[14:46] Mavromichali Szondi: WIll SL drop their prices for sims when they launch the new thing? Lower sim prices could be a godsend

[14:46] Damian Firecaster: hopefully

[14:46] Mavromichali Szondi: (in original SL I mean)

[14:47] Scarp Godenot: People are always hysterical about this stuff.

[14:47] Beq Janus: why would they want to make SL more attr4active at that point, Mav?

[14:47] Samantha Ohrberg: YEs, I totally agree lower land prices would be great to encourage more to purchase land in the new world

[14:47] Maxwell Graf: Michelle: with mip-mapping

[14:47] Maxwell Graf: :)

[14:47] Mavromichali Szondi: because of the fallout of worried people leaving

[14:47] Mavromichali Szondi: interim costs - the fact is that people here are paying for their new toy

[14:48] Maxwell Graf: if they would code it back in it would.

[14:48] Maxwell Graf: materials maps sortof let you adress that.

[14:48] Tia Biscuit: Is there a group or forum or something to be able to become a beta tester? I would ideally like to know what the

upload restraints... if there will be any... and procedures will be as soon as possible. lol

[14:48] Mavromichali Szondi: The Community Gateways were a brilliant idea - why didn't they carry on?

[14:48] Maxwell Graf: with masking

[14:48] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): the same old grouping

[14:48] Mysterics: I think the new platform will be good, it'll just take a while to catch up in terms of it's population,ownable items

and whatnot

[14:49] Tia Biscuit: no this SL will stay as long as they make money off it

[14:49] Mavromichali Szondi: link?

[14:49] Scarp Godenot: As long as profit is being made SL will stay. End of story.

[14:49] Mysterics: but in a way at least that means the progression will be gradual rather than forced

[14:49] Tia Biscuit: the only thing that scared me in that video was him saying they are thinking of making it no adult content lol

[14:49] Lelani Carver giggles

[14:49] Mavromichali Szondi: Thank goodness though - the problem with M Linden was he never interacted inworld/on-forum

[14:50] Beq Janus: I was worried about the reaction of landowners when I first saw the annoucement, but I tihnk the only real mistake

made was to release it in the TPV forum, rather than a proper release. The initial misreports did a lot of scaring.

[14:50] Mavromichali Szondi: I remember people burning effegies of M Linden on bonfires

[14:50] Scarp Godenot: The most positive sign is Ebbe ACTUALLY goes inworld. heh

[14:50] Damian Firecaster: yes

[14:50] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): M linden did interact

[14:50] Damian Firecaster: true

[14:50] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): he just had no clue about what SL was about

[14:50] Doc Gascoigne (doctor.gascoigne): other than opening offices all over creation

[14:50] Mavromichali Szondi: Yeah - that's what worries me - It's LL who fired techies, and made Torley a puppet

[14:50] Mavromichali Szondi: poor Torley

[14:51] Damian Firecaster: they need to change

[14:51] Samantha Ohrberg: New world hopefully means a new way of thinking

[14:51] Mavromichali Szondi: lurching from one catchup technology to the next

[14:51] Mysterics: So will the new platform be no adult content?

[14:51] Darkover Tone: they've been stagnant and just barely maintaining instead of improving it seems

[14:51] Mysterics: I guess it's still kind of up in the air

[14:51] Damian Firecaster: YES

[14:51] Damian Firecaster: this is the one and only virtual world

[14:52] Beq Janus: butterfly squashing is soo laggy

[14:52] Damian Firecaster: lol

[14:52] Mavromichali Szondi: Fire some accountants and managers, and hire more techies

[14:52] Scarp Godenot: I think from the lab's point of view, sim owners like me will spend that money either here or in the new world.

And those choices will show if the new world is succeeding....

[14:53] Darkover Tone: more techies, and make them be in-game more so they know what it's really like

[14:53] Mavromichali Szondi: They don't even know who their customers are half the time >.>

[14:53] Mavromichali Szondi: they ruined the education sim platform.. and IBM left because they didn't capitalise on the in-world

meeting option

[14:53] Mavromichali Szondi: where are the architects or tesco doing 3d shop modelling with planogramming? That would pay.

[14:54] Mavromichali Szondi: Why aren't we exporting inworld meshes to 3d printers?

[14:54] Mavromichali Szondi: But no - let's get the facebook crowd in - that's the big new thing honest!

[14:54] Maxwell Graf: because the poly count on items in here is most likely not high enough detail level to print well in 3d.

[14:54] Samantha Ohrberg: There needs to be a team truly dedicated to "new" technology and new world addition to all the


[14:54] Beq Janus: Mav, Meshstudio creates 3d print files in the same export proicess automatically

[14:54] Beq Janus: you get a .dae and a .slt in the same zip

[14:55] Mitsuko Kytori: They are many platforms for 3D game, unity3d, cryengine, anarchy or udk, even second life, it is possible to

create stuffs compatible with all of them, the new second life will obviously follow 3d industry standard

[14:55] Mavromichali Szondi: but they haven't capitalised on that is the point, Beq

[14:55] Mavromichali Szondi: too busy chasing social media

[14:55] Mavromichali Szondi: Second Life is amazing - it's what's kept me here for 7 years or more - I keep coming back because I can

create what ever I want

[14:56] Mavromichali Szondi: that should be their focus.

[14:56] Damian Firecaster: true

[14:56] Mavromichali Szondi: Will the creative people come, or will it be mere consumers?

[14:57] Mavromichali Szondi: Facebook users are consumers, not creators

[14:57] Scarp Godenot: Getting larger means making it simpler as well. The learning curve here now is high.

[14:57] Damian Firecaster: yes

[14:57] Mavromichali Szondi: I think we need two viewers - one for consumers one for builders

[14:57] Mysterics: Well if they're really going that route, then you can count me out buuut we'll see

[14:57] Mysterics: learning curve? waht learning curve?

[14:57] Darkover Tone: idk, i think most facebook users are happier with something simple- maybe imvu, but not anything as complex as SL

[14:57] Samantha Ohrberg: I would hope that SL "linden" labs would reach out to the top creators to help launch things

[14:58] Damian Firecaster: they need all grades of builders and creaters expert, medium, and beginner

[14:58] Mavromichali Szondi: I was devastated that they stopped work on the Browser client.. it killed a RL project i had lined up with

a major charity - because they couldn't run SL on normal PCs

[14:58] Tzeitel: Linden Labs has never reached out to its customer base to sincerely ask what it is that we want..and even when we've

told them, they rarely listen. What makes anyone think that LL's is going to listen to us now?

[14:58] Damian Firecaster: you dont need just the expert creaters

[14:59] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): Pretty sure "top creators" involved with SL2 would be under NDA to not talk.

[14:59] Mavromichali Szondi: Who wants a world created by Development maya Store Limited with furniture in 3 types and 5 colours? The

fun is building your own stuff, and small content creators

[14:59] Damian Firecaster: yes

[14:59] Damian Firecaster: i hope

[14:59] Damian Firecaster: that is what they are dong in landmark

[15:00] Mavromichali Szondi: Yeah everyone needs to be able to build

[15:00] Lelani Carver nodnods

[15:00] Beq Janus: agreed, it is why many of us are here

[15:01] Mavromichali Szondi: I'm stressing now that I have to learn Blender

[15:01] Damian Firecaster: the best thing they can do to make the new SL bring in the creators / residents early

[15:02] Mavromichali Szondi: but even if I sell my car, I can't afford maya

[15:02] Damian Firecaster: we use vixols in landmark it is great

[15:02] Scarp Godenot: For any mass user base, building tools need to be simple.

[15:03] Mavromichali Szondi: simple to make, but extensible as far as you want to take it - that's the key

[15:04] Damian Firecaster: lol

[15:04] Mavromichali Szondi: hahaha

[15:04] Samantha Ohrberg: The voxel  technology in cloud was not "easy" so to speak, but maybe it's different for this with more

building experience...

[15:04] Damian Firecaster: yea

[15:04] Beq Janus: :-)

[15:04] Samantha Ohrberg: OMG SAffia..

[15:04] Paris Lux (askparis): >o>

[15:04] Mavromichali Szondi: I think the whole key here is trust - we trust fairly well that they can create a good new platform - we're

worried how they will manage it and if we can trust them on that

[15:04] Paris Lux (askparis): <o<

[15:05] Damian Firecaster: look at what they are doing with everquest landmark if LL does SL 2.0 that way it will succeed

[15:05] laben Core: land barons are complaining that they'll be an extinct species in SL 2.0. Do you think we need them?

[15:05] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): Building in SL eventually grew beyond my skills and I'm not trying to learn 'scripting' in

Blocksworld. I hope SL2 makes it easy.

[15:05] Paris Lux (askparis): woot

[15:05] Samantha Ohrberg: The question is not the technology.. but how linden labs will use the technology

[15:05] Mavromichali Szondi: they can help by meeting the community half way here, perhaps - start building that trust

[15:05] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): *now

[15:05] Scarp Godenot: Yes, a sales tax is a far better model

[15:06] Mavromichali Szondi: As long as they don't do the derivation percentage model like IMVU does on their marketplace

[15:06] Scarp Godenot: However some fee is needed to allocate resources, so it can't become free

[15:07] Mavromichali Szondi: I hated paying for uploads, paying another creator for their mesh every sale of mine, and then paying a

sales fee

[15:07] laben Core: commission model would let you use templates for free. you only pay if you make money

[15:07] Beq Janus: The lab needs to generate revenue too, its own financial viability has been one of the clouds hanging over SL for

many years

[15:07] Scarp Godenot: Charging for marketplace listing is a bad idea, it removes all the free stuff.

[15:07] Samantha Ohrberg: Linden Labs makes millions of SL

[15:08] Kriss Lehmann: well, they *could* allow free listings for no charge

[15:08] Lelani Carver: (2 mics open, getting echo from Beq)

[15:08] Darkover Tone: I thnk your mic is open Kriss

[15:08] Kriss Lehmann: there is always a way to balance that

[15:08] Kriss Lehmann: thanks

[15:08] Lelani Carver: Sorry, right, Kriss' mic was open

[15:08] Mavromichali Szondi: You have to be careful of killing small developers too - If you charge for adding items to a marketplace -

the small developer can't get a product online without paying upfront - and if their line doesn't sell well , you're stuck waiting for

ages before you can afford to put new products on

[15:08] Kriss Lehmann: You may also hear me through Shai... she's sitting in the same room as myself

[15:08] Kriss Lehmann: :D

[15:08] Beq Janus: my mic is not open!!

[15:09] Lelani Carver: (sorry, Beq, my camera wasn't lined up right)

[15:09] Scarp Godenot: The real problem with Marketplace at the moment is the incredibly lame way they categorize things and the poor

search tools.

[15:09] Damian Firecaster: right

[15:09] Pygar Bu agrees

[15:09] Mavromichali Szondi: Percentage sales tax is good because 10% of zero is zero. AN Add to marketplace charge is dangerous

[15:09] Abbadon Soulstar: Amen to that

[15:09] Mavromichali Szondi: Ugh yes - marketplace search (and inworld search ) are terrible these days

[15:10] Scarp Godenot: They are laughing all the way to the bank though.

[15:10] Mavromichali Szondi: even some of the big skin stores etc are struggling lately though

[15:10] Mavromichali Szondi: my friend had to sell his sim off to a land baron and rent half back

[15:11] Paris Lux (askparis): lmao.

[15:11] Damian Firecaster: lol

[15:11] Mavromichali Szondi: heh

[15:11] Samantha Ohrberg whispers: LOL

[15:11] Scarp Godenot: I'm just responding to the making of new shoes. The do that because people can buy endless pairs of shoes.

[15:11] laben Core: breedable companies who sell food are definitely laughing

[15:11] Mavromichali Szondi: quite

[15:11] Darkover Tone: sl search is ...beyond primitive and laughable atm

[15:12] Mavromichali Szondi: It took me a month solid to make my sculpted helicopter

[15:13] Mavromichali Szondi: Well I think people call out the cheats

[15:14] Mavromichali Szondi: To me it's disheartening that I can spend ages making a great product and the tat sells better :P

[15:14] Mavromichali Szondi: They drink Horlicks at night :P

[15:14] Kriss Lehmann: lol

[15:14] Abbadon Soulstar: reviews are very good tools to inform buyers of bad items also inform them of Good items

[15:15] Mavromichali Szondi: Drop the sim rental prices! Then I can buy more stuff!

[15:15] Paris Lux (askparis): lmao.

[15:15] Pygar Bu: ℓσℓ ☺

[15:15] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): Long ago I decided everything I buy here is a "rental." The Lab has lost enough of my Inventory

to think of it as "mine."

[15:15] Kriss Lehmann: i missed that :(

[15:15] Dokita fara bale (dr1lite.littlebird): yes Cain that is correct

[15:16] Mavromichali Szondi: People will spend x amount on land - but when it comes to product you always spend more than you intended

[15:16] Damian Firecaster: yes

[15:16] Damian Firecaster: lol

[15:16] Dokita fara bale (dr1lite.littlebird): hehehe

[15:16] Mavromichali Szondi: The fact is that we're all here - bad as things got sometimes -we're all here and we still love SL - even

with its faults

[15:16] Mitsuko Kytori: modestly, we will ensure compatibility (in our side and software) between the two platforms, so people needs to

pay one time for the two platforms, understandable way '_'

[15:16] Scarp Godenot: Nothing we buy now lasts that long anyway.

[15:17] Darkover Tone: hey, at least they asked lol

[15:17] Kriss Lehmann: hahahh yeah

[15:17] Dokita fara bale (dr1lite.littlebird): the sky is always falling

[15:17] Mavromichali Szondi: I think when they see the new platform with it's magic voxels.... they won't want my old sculpty product

[15:17] Damian Firecaster: lol

[15:17] Lelani Carver: Agree, Mavromichali

[15:18] Damian Firecaster: true

[15:18] Mavromichali Szondi: Hmm question for you guys - you mentioned voxels and build tools - but what will change for the scripting

side? Is it still LSL?

[15:18] Mitsuko Kytori: Sculpty can be converted is mesh '_'

[15:19] Kriss Lehmann: I believe they are looking at something different

[15:19] Darkover Tone: Maybe, if LL stops being so stagnant- otherwise this platform could lose it's appeal just as any other could and

has in the past when it has "aged" too much

[15:19] laben Core: I have a question for Saffia. I noticed that the opportunities to interview vehicle content creators are exceedingly

rare. everyone I know has at least one plane or car but no one talks about these things. Is there something about that market that

garners them little attention from the general SL press?

[15:19] Kriss Lehmann: possibly something javascript or C#? Definitely something more robust, Mav

[15:19] Damian Firecaster: yes

[15:19] Mavromichali Szondi: I've left SL a few times. But the thing that brought me back is that I REALLY missed simple prim building

some stuff on a piece of land for the fun of it

[15:20] Damian Firecaster: yes

[15:20] Mavromichali Szondi: That's fine Kriss - but I struggled with LSL - but I coped - Real languages is a big jump

[15:21] Damian Firecaster: also SL is World wide not just the US

[15:21] Damian Firecaster: you can meet people from all over the World

[15:21] Damian Firecaster: for them it does

[15:22] Samantha Ohrberg: The could possibly phase over to the new world if they choose to do so over time

[15:22] Mavromichali Szondi: I saw an amazing exhibit here today in SL11B, Saffia, for Parkinsons , where people use the ability to

socialise and have fun in stress free environments to help with coping with the disease

[15:22] Damian Firecaster: right

[15:22] Damian Firecaster: Sl is not going anywhere

[15:22] Damian Firecaster: YES!!

[15:23] Scarp Godenot: Some research has been done on who stays in SL. And the basic idea is that those are people who are 'self

entertaining' as the jargon goes, and that group are a small percentage of the population to start with. (Gwyneth Llewelyn has written

extensively on this topic.)

[15:23] Octobre Macpherson: the new blue mars, the new sims online

[15:23] Saffia Widdershins: Right, Mav!

[15:23] Maxwell Graf: I usually go to zindra to "self entertain."

[15:23] Maxwell Graf: :D

[15:23] Scarp Godenot: heh

[15:24] Lelani Carver snicker snickers

[15:24] Octobre Macpherson: yes, buy the toys but buy

[15:24] Paris Lux (askparis): yay!

[15:24] Scarp Godenot: So is the sky falling?

[15:24] Mavromichali Szondi: I mentioned about scripting changes on the new platform

[15:24] Mavromichali Szondi: I don';t kniow I could do C#

[15:24] Octobre Macpherson: all is fair and all are happy

[15:25] Paris Lux (askparis): :O

[15:25] Damian Firecaster: lol

[15:25] Paris Lux (askparis): I'd just buy full perm scripts x .x

[15:25] Pygar Bu: same, Paris

[15:25] Mavromichali Szondi: Why did they stop the Browser client?

[15:25] Mavromichali Szondi: I looked at doing a proper project RL /SL integration with that

[15:25] Octobre Macpherson: full perm ? no way in SL2

[15:26] Mitsuko Kytori: Cryengine use lua language, hope it is the way Linden lab will take

[15:26] Mavromichali Szondi: They wanted to get the general public in for live seminars

[15:26] Lelani Carver looks forward to our new voxel overlords.

[15:26] Mavromichali Szondi: SL Go?

[15:26] Damian Firecaster: oh no

[15:26] Scarp Godenot: hahaha

[15:26] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): Blocksworld. that's where it's at now, Baby!

[15:27] Mavromichali Szondi: and died

[15:27] Mavromichali Szondi: but is back!

[15:27] Damian Firecaster: oh yes

[15:27] Damian Firecaster: cryptic

[15:27] Darkover Tone: I like the idea of SLGo, but find the fees a bit...high. It seems ok if you don't pay for anything else, but all

these subs add up...

[15:28] Scarp Godenot: Has anyone heard about what they are up to with Facebook and Virtual Worlds now that Cory Ondrejka is influencing

them and their new Oculus product?

[15:28] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): Premium SLers should get X amount of time on SLGo free.

[15:28] Lelani Carver: I think you can't discount the tablet users, though. I'd attend more events during the day if I could use my iPad

(and not pay for SLGo).

[15:29] Mavromichali Szondi: Is SL Go subscription contract only or can you Pay as You Go?

[15:29] Darkover Tone: if SLGo was maybe 3-4 bucks a month it would be worth it

[15:29] Damian Firecaster: bring back philip he was great with the residents

[15:29] Pygar Bu: viewers like you :-)

[15:29] đαякtιgεя ℒove (darktiger.ditko): sl on xbox1

[15:30] Mavromichali Szondi: I'd like to use SL Go as a one off day thing so people can come in for a virtual meeting as a one off

[15:30] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): Phillip is working on "new" residents at HiFi.

[15:30] Mavromichali Szondi: I'd like Residents not to be called Resident, personally :P

[15:30] Damian Firecaster: yes

[15:30] Paris Lux (askparis): >w <

[15:30] Damian Firecaster: lol

[15:30] Samantha Ohrberg: lol Max

[15:31] Mavromichali Szondi claps

[15:31] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry) applauds in appreciation!!

[15:31] Paris Lux (askparis): woot

[15:31] Pygar Bu: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEE*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*

[15:31] Paris Lux (askparis): * me le claps *

[15:31] Damian Firecaster: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********

[15:31] Scarp Godenot: Good Job folks! Very interesting!

[15:31] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): Thank you, Saffia.  Thank you, Panel Members.

[15:31] Samantha Ohrberg: THank you Saffia... and the designers of Mesh Creative.. hugs....

[15:31] Maxwell Graf: Good to see you Scarp!

[15:32] Scarp Godenot: likewise

[15:32] Samantha Ohrberg: /yay

[15:32] Kriss Lehmann applauds

[15:32] Lelani Carver: *:

[15:32] Lelani Carver: *:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*. HoOoOoO!¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:*

[15:32] Samantha Ohrberg: APPLAUSE!!!!

[15:32] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry) applauds in appreciation!!

[15:33] Paris Lux (askparis): i loeve your skirt saffia~

[15:33] Lelani Carver: Wow, Mavro, nize het!

[15:33] Paris Lux (askparis): > w <

[15:33] Mavromichali Szondi: tenks!

[15:33] Mavromichali Szondi: Ken neffer heff a bad beeg hat right?

[15:33] Darkover Tone: same place?

[15:33] Lelani Carver: Vot rechiment uff der Jaergers?

[15:33] Darkover Tone: as in here?

[15:33] Paris Lux (askparis): <o<

[15:34] Max Islay: did I miss it?

[15:34] Uccie Galway (uccello.poultry): The Community Talks: Thr Fantasy Faire Community will probably be right here.

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