The inner path, the poem


On the occasion of my installation at the Art Korner gallery in Second Life, I wanted to share this poem through a performance that reflects the meaning of this exhibition. I hope this will speak to you! :)

The exhibition can be visited until 14th of April 2022.
Taxi: rgxneWTc6N0Zj4z_VTiUaDQTGvMFng0Jbz4v9fSXSbgY

I forgot to mention it in the end credits, but the avatar used is one of the Metabody project, initiated by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu. It is a mix between Ragdohccio and Boy, that I've customized.

To see more about the Metabody project, please click here:

Selen Minotaur
Selene Minotaur, Poem, Spoken Word, KarmaZen
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