Transonic Second Life Festival #4 @ Museum Island: Christophe Bailleau


4th edition of this online micro festival, which is part of the “Transonic Second Life Sessions”. These events offer, in different Second Life venues, concerts and audio-visual performances by bringing together around a community of sound and multimedia artists, and visitors who, in a spirit both playful and adventurous, discover or follow the development of international talents who perform in various avatars.

This video features Paradise Now + Biba Sheikh with A Limb at the Transonic Festival. Visuals by Kalyca McCallen.

This series of performances by artists associated with the Transconic label in Second Life is part of the NoLA – No Lockdown Art initiative of Transcultures and European Pepinières of Creation since the first lockdown due to the health crisis since March 2020.

+ info:

Chris tophe Bailleau (Fr/Be)

French pluridisciplinary artist ( music but also short films/video, photography, soundtracks for theatre, dance, installations, writing…) based in Belgium, Christophe Bailleau has officiated for more than twenty years at the on the edge of electronica, acoustics, ambient, concrete music or even harsh noise (within the very radical duo PRISM), with around twenty solo releases, a lot of collaborative projects and participations in numerous compilations of experimental music.

Two years ago, IRM published the EP “Persistance”, a generous collection of collaborations (Paradise Now, Jules Nerbard, A Limb, Prism) of about forty minutes halfway between cosmic reverie and mystical trip, including the fantastic “Shooting Stars Can Last” (in partnership with Transcultures/Transonic-Pépinières européennes de Création) released on last year at Optical Sound (featuring some sound artists friends of his, such as Paradise Now, A Limb, Konejo, aMute…) takes on a kind of continuity by further expanding the field of possibilities.

Dreamlike ambient and incantatory pop, mutant kosmische musik and cinematographic noise, contemplative drone and lyrical electronica collide with a real sense of narrative progression.

Kalyca McCallen (USA) - Particle artist

She and proton d-oo-b, formed Alchemelic: Music and Art (2017) They perform across Second Life, utilizing proton’s music and Kalyca’s art. They also are collaborating on new art projects.

Glasz Decuir
Glasz Decuir, Museum Island, Christophe Bailleau
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